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Our Pets

The New Turtles

We have three water turtles in the 125 gallon tank.  We got them about a week and a half ago.  Dad saw an ad on Craigslist for them, so he contacted the person who was giving them; this was a great free deal.

The lady( in Rockville, Maryland, about 22 miles away) had to get rid of them, but wanted to give them to someone who would take good care of them. 

We were the third people to reply, but Dad told her about his qualifications, and she picked us.  Now the turtles situated in their tank, and we feed them blood-worms.  We put some guppies in, too, to see if the turtles would eat them.  The guppies are still in there, so the turtles must have decided to spare them.  We also put two BIG snails in, because they were wreaking havoc in the first tank we put them in, plowing down the plants and eating them.  

Published Nov 27 2007, 05:14 PM by Becky
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