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Our New Saltwater Animals

We recently received a mail-order shipment of saltwater creatures.  We got a Mertensii butterflyfish, a royal gramma, four green chromis, four maroon clownfish, a bubble-tip anemone, a fragment rock of mushroom coral, a brittle green starfish, a sand-sifting white starfish, six snails, and ten of hermit crabs.  Quite a list, isn't it?  It was fun to take all the fish out of their plastic bags and slide them into the aquariums after they had acclimated.  Tim was the one who bought the butterfly fish.  That's probably my favorite saltwater fish that we have.  I think most of the fish are eating now, but some are very afraid, and the female maroon Clown fish is preoccupied with the bubble-tip anemone.  Clownfish have a special relationship with anemones.  It benifits both animals, as the anemone can provide shelter for the clownfish, not stinging it (anemones sting other animals, and our one killed some of our invertebrates), and.......I'm not sure what the clownfish does for the anemone.  Maybe it brings it food.  I heard of someone who trained his clownfish to do that.  Anyway, the clownfish love rolling in the anemone. 

Two of the chromis, one snail, and one clownfish died.  the maroon clownfish fought a lot at first when we put them in the 46 gallon tank.

Update: another maroon clownfish died.  So now it's two of them.  Too bad.

Published Dec 27 2007, 07:56 AM by Becky
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