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More Cockatiel Eggs!

Our faithful parent cockatiels are in the midst of raising four babies, but the mamma is already sitting on another batch of--not two, not three, not even four--but five new eggs.Surprise  We're starting to wonder where we will put all these cockatiels!!  We made the decision to advertise Peterkin and Clarissa(We're not so Pete is a boy and Claire is a girl anymore), and see if we can sell them. Pete and Claire are the first batch of babies that we had; they came with the parents which we "adopted". Someone came last night to look at the Pete and Claire. They were interested, but not ready to buy yet.  But we are excited about the new babies, who are now living outside the nest, except for the runt.  We had to keep the runt in the nest, cause it it wouldn't stand up, and it is really scared of people.  A couple times, Dad even fed it applesauce from a dropper. 

We are really enjoying having cockatiels and parakeets as part of our family.





Published Feb 20 2008, 03:02 PM by Becky
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