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Peformed by the Wilkes in July 08 Music Night.
Wed, Aug 13 2008 1,526 Download
File Size 1.8MB
This is a short video of the fan worm which lives in our salt water aquarium. This is an amazing animal. It looks like a plant but it is really an animal.
Mon, Dec 17 2007 941 Download
File Size 3.4MB
This is my first try at time lapse photography. This one is a little jerky and has some mistakes, but it still looks interesting. I combined about 130 shots(taken over about 1.5 hours) to make this 24...
Tue, Mar 4 2008 873 Download
File Size 3.1MB
Mon, Apr 7 2008 837 Download
File Size 3.5MB
This a nearly full size image of the shot that I used for the January Music Night.
Sat, Feb 9 2008 833 Download
File Size 3.6MB
Instrumental Quartet by the Wilkes Team
Tue, Apr 15 2008 828 Download
File Size 3.1MB
Instrumental Quartet by the Butler Family
Tue, Apr 15 2008 816 Download
File Size 2.9MB
Sung by the Butler Family
Thu, Feb 7 2008 815 Download
File Size 2.8MB
This is a easy tool to resize your photos with.
Sat, Feb 9 2008 815 Download
File Size 520.1kB
Wilkes & Hynes Mens Quintet
Wed, Apr 16 2008 751 Download
File Size 1.6MB

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