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  • 200+ Guppies

    Last Saturday, Dad decided to separate the male and female guppies, so that we could control breeding. He put the male red deltas in Mare's 29 gallon tank, the females remained in the 35 gallon tank, the really big females in Suzi's 10 gallon tank, and the lyretails(they have a different sort...
    Posted to Weblog by Becky on Tue, Feb 26 2008
  • Our New Saltwater Animals

    We recently received a mail-order shipment of saltwater creatures. We got a Mertensii butterflyfish, a royal gramma, four green chromis, four maroon clownfish, a bubble-tip anemone, a fragment rock of mushroom coral, a brittle green starfish, a sand-sifting white starfish, six snails, and ten of hermit...
    Posted to Weblog by Becky on Thu, Dec 27 2007
  • Our new SW animal can split rocks!?

    Yesterday(Dec 1) we bought some new Salt Water(SW) animals and plants. One of them was a long tentacled anemone, this animal can sting to some extent. Ok, so yesterday we put the anemone on a rock. We woke up today and found that the rock the anemone had been sitting on split in half! We have no other...
    Posted to Weblog by Tim on Sun, Dec 2 2007
  • The New Turtles

    We have three water turtles in the 125 gallon tank. We got them about a week and a half ago. Dad saw an ad on Craigslist for them, so he contacted the person who was giving them; this was a great free deal. The lady( in Rockville, Maryland, about 22 miles away) had to get rid of them, but wanted to give...
    Posted to Weblog by Becky on Tue, Nov 27 2007
  • An Introduction to our Aquariums

    Our family has been quite interested in aquariums these last four months. It all started when Granddaddy Mehlfelt gave us three aquariums which had been left in his house by the previous owner. Dad had kept aquariums when he was a boy, so we decided to try it. We started out with a few simple, easy-to...
    Posted to Weblog by Becky on Mon, Nov 26 2007
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