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  • Total Dependence on God

    As I was recently reading some contractual language, the following words caught my eye: “We have a royalty-free, irrevocable, in perpetuity license...” Doesn't this describe our “contract” with God? We have a royalty-free, irrevocable, in perpetuity salvation. No payment is necessary - the payment...
    Posted to Weblog by Jon on Fri, Oct 23 2009
  • Can you prove it?

    Science is the search for causes – we see the effect, what caused it? No matter which route you take, you will ultimately get to the question: Who or what caused this universe? We see the effect, but how did it come to be? Evolution has never been able to explain it satisfactorily. Many advocates of...
    Posted to Weblog by Jon on Sat, Jan 10 2009
  • Facts about Creation vs Evolution

    I have found that some Christians have little ability to logically defend their belief system in a manner that would satisfy the inquisitive unbeliever. In a society that largely believes in evolution, this means presenting a persuasive argument using factual evidence to prove that evolution is illogical...
    Posted to Weblog by Jon on Fri, Jan 9 2009
  • A Table in the Presence

    I recently finished reading a very insightful book called “ A Table in the Presence ” written by Lt. Carey Cash, who was a chaplain in the marines during the Iraq war. In this captivating narrative, he describes his experiences as a chaplain, and what he believes to be the working of God in the circumstances...
    Posted to Weblog by Jon on Wed, Dec 31 2008
  • Great is Thy Faithfulness

    I was thinking of something that could be used as a parallel between the Christian life and my green house plants. A few times I had forgotten to water the plants and they started wilting. I praise God that He never forgets us, and always remembers His promises to us. Matthew 11:28 "Come to Me,...
    Posted to Weblog by Tim on Wed, Dec 24 2008
  • America's Christian heritage

    We receive a small local newspaper, and we were intrigued by a recent article dealing with the Christian heritage of our nation. It was about a seasoned member of mainstream acadamia who had just discovered that George Washington was a Christian. It was such a discovery that she even wrote a book about...
    Posted to Weblog by Jon on Thu, Nov 6 2008
  • Principled Voting

    Yesterday, November 4th, was my first chance to vote, having turned 18 in September. I did not vote for Obama/Biden. I did not vote for McCain/Palin. As a Christian, I took my decision to vote for a presidential candidate very seriously. I purposed to have my decision be based on faith in God rather...
    Posted to Weblog by Tim on Wed, Nov 5 2008
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