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  • More Cockatiel Eggs!

    Our faithful parent cockatiels are in the midst of raising four babies, but the mamma is already sitting on another batch of--not two, not three, not even four--but five new eggs. We're starting to wonder where we will put all these cockatiels!! We made the decision to advertise Peterkin and Clarissa...
    Posted to Weblog by Becky on Wed, Feb 20 2008
  • Babies just born!

    We just looked into the nestbox, and saw the father cockatiel, and the mother cockatiel-----and we're pretty sure we saw at least one fluffy, little baby cockatiel ! We were quite surprised, and, wow; all we had to do was leave the parents alone and try not to disturb them, and here we are, with...
    Posted to Weblog by Becky on Mon, Jan 21 2008
  • Mated cockatiels with babies

    We just brought four new cockatiels home, about 10 minutes ago! They are a prolific breeding pair with two six-week-old babies. The previous owners told us that the female is bossy, and wants to be in charge of everyone. The poor male is missing a bunch of feathers on his head, so on one side he looks...
    Posted to Weblog by Becky on Fri, Dec 7 2007
  • New Cockatiels on the way!

    We are planning to get a pair of new cockatiels. The previous owners named them Cinnamon and Chantilly. This is going to mean that we have 5 parrots! The female, Cinnamon, is 1 year old. They say she's shy. Chantilly, the male, is 10 years old. The people say he's the nicer one. Yahoo! More birds...
    Posted to Weblog by Mare on Wed, Nov 28 2007
  • Meet our Parakeets!

    We have three pretty little parakeets. We think two of them are males, and the last one is a female. The blue one is Pippin. He's the friendly, playful one. That's why we let him out more than we let the others out. The green one is Merry. He's pretty shy, but sometimes he lets us pet him...
    Posted to Weblog by Becky on Mon, Nov 26 2007
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