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  • Photography Boot Camp Report

    Last week we were making the final preparations for our Photography Boot Camp. How would it go? I was praying to be a blessing and encouragement to the attendees. Then the second thoughts started coming. “Can I really do this?” “What if I make mistakes?” I think Satan was trying to appeal to my tendency...
    Posted to Weblog by Tim on Tue, May 18 2010
  • Photography Boot Camp

    We're planning a Photography Boot Camp course for later this year. Here's the course overview .
    Posted to Weblog by Tim on Mon, Mar 29 2010
  • Best of Today's Photo Shoot

    The Polorizing filter really made these pop. [photo:1986:set=020310] [photo:1985:set=020310] Shot these with my 170-500mm. They are really cute little birds. [photo:1988:set=020310] [photo:1989:set=020310] [photo:1987:set=020310] [photo:1992:set=020310] [photo:1990:set=020310] [photo:1991:set=020310...
    Posted to Weblog by Tim on Wed, Feb 3 2010
  • Icicles

    God invented etched glass first. I've never noticed this before. [photo:1963:set=123109] [photo:1965:set=123109]
    Posted to Weblog by Tim on Thu, Dec 31 2009
  • Church Family Photos

    I took the family photos for everyone at church on Sunday. [photo:1907:set=12809] [photo:1908:set=12809] [photo:1909:set=12809] [photo:1910:set=12809] [photo:1911:set=12809] [photo:1912:set=12809] [photo:1913:set=12809] [photo:1914:set=12809] [photo:1915:set=12809] [photo:1916:set=12809] [photo:1917...
    Posted to Weblog by Tim on Tue, Dec 8 2009
  • The Heavens Declare...

    Posted to Weblog by Tim on Tue, Nov 3 2009
  • How Great Thou Art

    O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made, I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder, Thy pow'r through-out the universe displayed. [photo:1634:set=41709] [photo:1630:set=41709] [photo:1631:set=41709] When thru the woods and forest glades I wander And hear...
    Posted to Weblog by Tim on Fri, Apr 17 2009
  • Winter Bird Photos

    I don't know much about birds so tell me if I mislabeled any of these birds. Yesterday, while it was snowing, I setup a tripod inside the house and took all of these bird photos. I was surprised at how well they turned out. Sparrow/Thrush/Wren - Which is it? [photo:1221:set=12809] Female Cardinal...
    Posted to Weblog by Tim on Fri, Jan 30 2009
  • Pileated Woodpecker shoot

    Suzi sighted a woodpecker near the house and asked me to photograph it. I grabbed the tripod, 500mm lens,and the camera, and went out to shoot the bird. I had tried to shoot birds without a tripod before, it didn't work to well while using a 500mm lens because I had to have a 1/1000th SS to remove...
    Posted to Weblog by Tim on Thu, Dec 4 2008
  • Family Portraits from Sunday

    Last Sunday I had the opportunity to shoot some portraits of the families at church. Jenny Wilkes gave me lots of help arranging the groups. I did some experimenting with lighting - bouncing the flash from different directions. What I found to be the best settings, at least in this room were, 150° to...
    Posted to Weblog by Tim on Thu, Dec 4 2008
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